Typing HTML on iPad

Unless you are using an iPad HTML development app such as WPD (Web Page Developer) which has enhanced keyboard typing HTML tags on iPad on screen keypad is a pane. Multiple keystrokes just to reveal the . All this to be repeated at the end of paragraph with additional / character! I first stumbled across this feature for the then new IOS 5 operating system that simply solves this and at no cost.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. On iPad go to Settings and select General and then Keyboard
  2. Select Text Replacement and add your own
  1. Return to any program and then when you next type in the keywords you have the standard option of hitting space bar to expand text.

Use with Lightroom CC (June 2020)

The cloud version of Adobe Lightroom has both strengths and weaknesses but on balance is my photo management of choice. Pertinent to this post is how I use text replacements to overcome the lack of keyword hierarchy. For example for a photograph that includes, say a butterfly, the keywords I want to add are

Butterfly, Insect, Nature,

so I have created text replacement ,bt which expands to the above.

Other examples are:

  • ,tr -> Nature, Plant, Tree
  • ,by -> Vehicle, Bicycle
  • ,fo -> Misc, Food
  • ,uw -> Upton Warren, Worcestershire, Midlands, England
  • ,4 -> Rating, 4 Star

This not only saves time but leads to consistent results and reduces typing errors.

By roderict

I am a grandad, dad, husband, brother, uncle, grand uncle and use to be a son, What more can you ask for? Too many interests, retired and not enough hours in the day!

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